About Us

Ofishial Foods is a new company launched in 2015 providing frozen meals delivered to your door. All our food is lovingly made in small batches using the freshest ingredients and is immediately frozen to ensure all the taste and goodness is locked in. Meals are sealed inside convenient trays that are safe to touch straight from the oven or microwave.

We are a small friendly company that listens very carefully to its customers and we are able to adapt to any feedback or suggestions from our customers. We are growing rapidly and gaining more customers every week for one reason – our food is simply better than the other alternatives. That’s not a boast it’s what our customers tell us!

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Our History

For 10 years the owner ran a full service restaurant in Oxfordshire specialising in classic French and English cuisine. Whilst this was very rewarding the unsocial hours did not compliment the Owners other job of raising a young family and regrettably we decided to find something equally as rewarding to do that did.

In June 2015 we started providing our first deliveries of frozen meals which are focused on the dietary needs and tastes of the older generation, sometimes living alone, and for whom cooking either holds no interest or is just not practical.

We deliberately grew slowly at first being keen to spend a lot of time with our first customers to listen to their feedback, their ideas, and to understand their needs. Consequently the menu, and the packaging went through considerable change in the first few months.

Our Food

Our meals do not come out of a factory. Every single meal and desert is made by us in small batches in exactly the same way we did at the restaurant. We do not compromise on the quality of ingredients and use only the freshest and best ingredients we can obtain.

The meals are then packaged in our special cool touch packaging and blast frozen to ensure the flavour and nutrients are locked in and there is no separation of water from the food, as can happen with conventional freezing.

We take great care with our recipes and every meal has been tested and tasted many times before we will put it on the menu. Full ingredients, nutritional information, allergens, and cooking instructions are attached to every meal.

We are focused on the health needs of our customers and strive to minimise the amount of salt in our meals. We also provide a range of gluten free meals, allium free meals (that’s onion, garlic, leeks and chives) and dairy free meals.

All meals are competitively priced. Unlike our competitors we don’t have large overheads or have TV advertising and the savings we make here are given back to our customers in our pricing and our food quality.

Our Packaging

All meals are contained in our clever packaging with a heat sealed clear film lid. There is no need to decant the food or pierce the lid prior to cooking. Whether cooked in the oven or microwave, the packaging is cool to the touch straight from cooking, whilst the food inside is piping hot.

All meals are clearly labeled with specific cooking instructions as well as the ingredients used, nutritional details and allergen information.


Payment can either be made on order or on delivery. We accept cash, cheque, credit and debit cards, or BACS transfer.

Our Values

Our values are incorporated into our company objectives that the whole team shares and are passionate about. Our objectives are:

  • To provide customers with great tasting food, that is simply better than any other provider
  • To never ever to compromise on quality of ingredients or cooking methods
  • To understand customer dietary needs and provide special solutions to meet these
  • To continually innovate and improve our products
  • To be trusted absolutely by our customers, their carers, and their families
  • To recognise that some of our customers are vulnerable. If they don’t want to order from us that’s fine. We will never apply any pressure.
  • To be a sustainable in every aspect of our business.
  • To be a great place to work

Contact us

To find out more please contact us at:

Ofishial Foods 17-18 Sugarswell Business Park Shenington Oxford OX15 6HW

Tel: 01295 680 999

Email: [email protected]

Company Information

Ofishial Foods is the trading name of Mayfield Foods Ltd (https://www.mayfieldfoods.co.uk) which is wholly owned by the directors John Hartley and Dorothée Cape

Partner Links

Photography by Sophie Carson http://www.sophiecarson.co.uk

Specialist Live in Care Providers http://www.oxfordaunts.co.uk

Home care with Home Instead http://homeinstead.co.uk/northoxfordshire

Meat supplied by Barry the Butcher @barrythebutchers

Bacon and other delights supplied by Willersey Provisions https://willerseyprovisions.co.uk

Fruit and Vegetables Supplied by Pershore Produce https://pershoreproduce.co.uk

Graphic Design Services from www.angelabliss.co.uk