Ofishial Foods makes major investment for the next stage of its growth

20th June, 2019

At Ofishial Foods we are currently making a significant investment in our facilities to enable us to continue to grow successfully and improve everything we do. We have just installed a new storage facility which is a super efficient 1,000 sq ft cold room operating at -25C. This will ensure that our frozen ready meals […]


Why People Love Frozen Ready Meals

12th June, 2019

Whilst there has been much negative press about the changing habits of today’s society and the nutritional shortcomings of many ready meals they continue to grow in popularity. Whether it is can’t cook, won’t cook, don’t have the time to cook, or can’t get out to buy ingredients, frozen ready meals offer a simple and […]


Buy Ready Meals Online

6th June, 2019

If you are looking for great tasting ready meals delivered to your door and want to buy them online then visit our website. We produce an extensive range of over 120 delicious choices of meals and desserts. Our cooked meals are made by a small team of 4 ladies by hand in our small commercial […]


British Local Suppliers

We buy British from local suppliers

30th May, 2019

At Ofishial Foods we provide an extensive range of cooked meals which are quickly frozen, and can be reheated directly from frozen. As we care passionately about providing the best frozen ready meals we can we also care passionately about where we get our ingredients.   We do not buy the cheapest ingredients available but […]


Great Ready Meals from sustainable company 

21st May, 2019

Ofishial Foods is a small family run company based near Banbury in the Oxfordshire countryside that makes a great range of frozen ready meals, side and desserts. As well as being focussed on excellent tasting food and excellent service the owners are committed to operating a sustainable business model. Food miles are reduced wherever possible […]


Additive-free ready meals – No reformed meat, no artificial ingredients and no e-numbers

15th May, 2019

Additive-free ready meals from Ofishial Foods! While ready meals provide an excellent solution for those in a hurry or who need a bit of extra help, they have got some bad press in recent years due to the high level of additives and artificial ingredients they contain, not to mention salt and sugar levels. This […]