About Frozen Food

12th November, 2019

Before we talk about frozen food we at Ofishial Foods would like a moment to remember. We have always been a military and veteran-friendly company and have customers who have done great things, made great sacrifices and lost great friends. We also have customers living with PTS from horrible recent conflicts in the middle east. […]


Birmingham Frozen ready meals delivered to your door

Healthy Meals Delivered

28th October, 2019

Do you want healthy meals delivered but also meals that taste great? Well why don’t you try Ofishial Foods meals and you can have both and enjoy our tasty meals delivered to your door We make a range of over 100 meals and desserts and everyone is full of flavour and cooked to perfection. Our […]


Healthy Ready Meals

17th October, 2019

Healthy Ready Meals does not mean boring!! At Ofishial foods we focus first and foremost on providing great tasting ready meals delivered to your door. Taste and texture are always our first priority but we also adjust the nutrition in every meal as far as we can to ensure every meal is healthy and balanced […]


Gluten Free Butter chicken curry

Wide range of ready meals delivered

10th October, 2019

Do you want or have frozen ready meals delivered to your door? If you do you are probably disappointed with bland food, processed meat and tasteless sauces. But you are not buying your meals from Ofishial Foods are you?… so it doesn’t have to be this way. At Ofishial Foods we are very different. Our […]


Frozen Ready Meals

Frozen Ready Meals delivered ready for Autumn

3rd October, 2019

Well, Autumn is upon us and the Horse Chestnuts are already going through yellow gold and brown and the ground is laden with conkers. Not that today’s generation of ankle-biters value these shiny mahogany glossed beauties as instruments of childhood gladiatorial combat anymore – but we remember don’t we? Anyway, while these lovely conkers rot […]


Gluten Free Ready Meals

Gluten Free Ready Meals

24th September, 2019

A growing number of people have wheat and gluten intolerances which reduces choice significantly. However, it needn’t be so, as at Ofishial we have a wide choice of tasty Gluten Free Ready Meals which you can try and with a free home delivery every week. 50% of our range is Gluten Free Of the 86 […]