Helping Hand – We will bring you your groceries at the same time

3rd May, 2019

At Ofishial Foods we are here to help customers in any way that we can and when you need a little help with buying fresh groceries we are here for you. When you place your order for our frozen ready meals 2 days before your delivery day you can ask us to get any groceries […]


Ofishial Foods comes to Birmingham and we are bringing great faggots with us

23rd April, 2019

Ofishial Foods is continually growing and is now expanding our meal delivery service to more parts of Birmingham, including Sutton Coldfield, Shirley, Solihull, Kings Norton, Dorridge, Cotteridge, and parts of Halesowen. And as we are offering food delivery in Birmingham we felt we had to include the regional favourite of Faggots, Mash, Gravy and Mushy […]


We Buy British Product from Local Companies and are Brexit Proof

15th April, 2019

Are you worried about the impact Brexit will have on you? We are not because we buy British produced product from local suppliers wherever possible, and this won’t be affected by Brexit. All our meat and vegetables come from three family-run small businesses in Worcestershire and Warwickshire just a few miles from our Oxfordshire kitchen. […]


Desserts delivered to your door

10th April, 2019

Every great meal deserves a delicious dessert to follow it and at Ofishial we have a great range of delicious desserts which are all made by hand by our talented and experienced pudding chef Julie. Our range of over 130 frozen ready meals and desserts includes 30 choices of delicious desserts. Ever popular are the […]


Can you cook a ready meal from frozen?

1st April, 2019

Frozen ready meals are a great alternative to refrigerated ready meals because if your plans change you don’t have to worry about best before dates as frozen meals can be stored for over year in your freezer. And with Ofishial Foods meals there is no defrost time as all our meals have been designed to […]


The Ease of Pre Prepared Meals

25th March, 2019

There are many reasons for choosing the use of Pre Prepared meals, or ready meals. You may be busy and don’t have time to cook, you may not have the inclination to cook for yourself, or you may need a bit of help with the things you used to do for yourself but now find […]