Vegetarian Chilli Con Carne

Vegetarian Frozen Ready Meals

29th September, 2020

Vegetarians. 1st October is a day close to my heart, no not my birthday – it’s world Vegetarian Day! So, let’s talk all things veggie. Approximately 2% of adults and children in the UK are vegetarian, this is over 1.2 million people (luckily at Ofishial Foods we are not feeding all of them, with our […]


Homemade ready meals - spaghetti bolognese

Homemade Ready Meals

24th September, 2020

Ready Meals are Popular. Did you know that the UK is Europe’s biggest buyers of ready meals and in 2019 the frozen ready meal market was worth £382 million? I should imagine due to the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in this year there might be a spike in these figures for pre made cooked […]


Our Covid Safe Delivery Drivers

Covid Safe Home Delivery from Ofishial Foods

22nd September, 2020

Second wave of Covid 19!! Not wanting to spread doom and gloom, but it looks like England is heading for some sort of lock down again (at this point in writing some parts are already on restrictions). First wave of Covid 19. However here at Ofishial Foods we will keep on delivering our frozen ready […]


Healthy low salt - Chicken Korma

Healthy and Delicious Frozen Ready Meals

17th September, 2020

Healthy Ready Meals. While ready meals provide an excellent solution for those in a hurry or who need a bit of extra help, they have got some bad press in recent years. This is due to the high level of additives and artificial ingredients they contain, not to mention salt and sugar levels. We even […]


Vegetarian Chilli Con Carne

Delicious Rice Ready Meals for Home Delivery

15th September, 2020

14th – 20th September is International Rice Week So how about celebrating Rice Week by buying some of our frozen ready meals delivered to your door? A Variety of Dishes. We have a multitude of rice dishes for home delivery for a variety of taste buds how about the Chinese style Beef in Black Bean […]


Winter Warmer - Beef and Red Wine Casserole

Delicious Winter Ready Meals Delivered To Your Door

10th September, 2020

This morning whilst visiting my horse it was really starting to feel that winter is on its way, with the first frost on the ground! When the weather starts to turn our customers tend to purchase more frozen ready meals for home delivery. Beef Winter Warmers. The Great British classic of Cottage Pie is always […]