gluten free steak casserole

Delicious Gluten Free Ready Meals

8th September, 2020

Allergens in our brochure. At Ofishial Foods we are not here to diagnose your digestives problems, but what we can do is provide you with some frozen ready meals for home delivery that cater to a variety of nutritional needs. When people ask about allergens in our cooked meals it is most commonly dairy free […]


Ready Meals

Try Our Ready Meals Before You Buy

3rd September, 2020

Try before you buy. Many people can be understandably cautious about trying something new – well we like to help with that. We offer no obligation tasting events so future customers can see what we’re all about. These events are aimed at retirement complexes or similar groups, where the residents still have independent living. So […]


Lamb Ready Meals

Love Your Lamb Ready Meals

1st September, 2020

Did you know that 1st -7th September is ‘Love Lamb Week’ ? So to celebrate this fact how about trying some of our frozen ready meals delivered to your door. Our cooked meals are created by a small team of dedicated professionals to give you the taste of home cooked meals without the hassle – […]


Easy To Cook Mornay Fishcakes

Easy To Cook Frozen Ready Meals

27th August, 2020

”You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food” – Paul Prudhomme I never heard of him but I liked the quote! But what you do need to cook and then eat our frozen ready meals is either a microwave or an oven. All our meals are designed and tested rigorously (by our exclusive […]


Nutritional Steak Casserole

Importance of good nutritional content in ready meals

25th August, 2020

 Nutritional frozen ready meals. Many of our customers have particular dietary requirements or are particularly conscientious of what they eat – maybe due to a medical condition. So to make choosing a meal easier our brochure displays the ‘nutritional traffic lights’. These show fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt levels for the two different portion […]


Sweet and Sour Pork Frozen Ready Meal

Making Frozen Ready Meals and Helping the Planet

21st August, 2020

Sustainability whilst making our frozen ready meals. ‘ The focus on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs’ As a company we are doing our best to work towards sustainability whilst creating our frozen ready meals. As part of this we upgraded our cold storage […]