Frequently Asked Questions


Can I request a menu?

Yes – you can order a menu to be sent to you by filling in the Contact Us form and letting us know in the comments section that you would like one. If you don’t have a computer please call the office on 01295 680999.


Updating your details

If you would like to change any of your account details, such as your contact telephone number, log in and save any changes you make.

Forgotten password?

If you can’t remember your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login screen. We will then email you instructions allowing you to update your password to a new one.


Is there a minimum order or delivery charge?

There is no minimum order value or delivery charge on our current home delivery routes. Please enter your postcode on our home page to see if you are on our delivery route.



I hope you will agree that this is still very low.  Our drivers are so busy at the moment trying to reach as many customers as possible.


If you are outside our current delivery routes, we may still be able to deliver to you but a minimum order may apply. Please contact the office on 01295 680999 if you are unsure as our delivery routes are rapidly growing.

Can I send special instructions with my order?

Yes. On your order page there is a section called Additional Information – Order Notes. Please enter any specific delivery instructions in this section.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Yes you can. Our delivery information page shows when your delivery day will be. If you are covered by our current home delivery routes you can call us on 01295 680999 to place an order (Monday to Thursday 7.30am to 3.30pm and Friday 8.00am to 1.30pm). After office hours, just leave a message on our answer phone and we will contact you the next working day.

How much notice do you need to give for delivery of an order?

When submitting an order over the internet, orders can be placed up until 12 noon the day before delivery. For Monday deliveries, internet orders can be placed up until 12 noon on Friday. If you are ordering over the phone orders can be received up to 2pm the day before. Please note we are unable to deliver on Saturday and Sunday.

Can I edit my order?

If you are paying on delivery, you can edit any open orders online under ‘My Account‘ then ‘Orders’

Orders stay open until 2 days before your delivery date. If yours is closed because payment has been taken or it’s after the 2 days then please call Ofishial Foods on 01295 680999 and we will see if we can edit your order over the phone.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, your order can be easily cancelled on line if payment hasn’t been taken. If payment has been taken you will not be able to cancel your order on line. Please phone the office on 01295 680999 so that we can see how we can change your order details to meet your new requirements.


How can I pay for my order?

You can pay by card, cash or cheque. The choice is yours.

When ordering online, select the payment method you would like. If you choose to order over the telephone, then our team will be happy to take debit or credit card payment.

If you chose payment on delivery, we can accept cash or cheque on delivery.

Ordering for someone else?

If you are ordering on our website on behalf of someone else, you can pay using your own debit/credit card as we are able to deliver to an address that is different to the card billing address. Alternatively, the person receiving the order can pay the driver by cash or cheque when the order is delivered.

Can I order a UK delivery from overseas?

Yes, we can accept overseas orders, as long as they are going to a UK address within our delivery area.


We are constantly developing our range of Free From products so be sure to take a look periodically.

Do you have a list of all products that are Gluten Free?

You can find a list of all our Gluten Free meals by clicking here.

Do you have a list of all products that are Allium Free?

Allium Free products do not contain Onion, Shallots, Garlic, Leek or Chives. You can find a list of all our Allium Free meals by clicking here.

I am diabetic, are your meals suitable for me?

Nearly every main meal is low sugar and is suitable for you if you are diabetic.

Can meals be microwaved or oven cooked?

All our packaging is suitable for both oven and microwave cooking. A few items are not suitable for microwave cooking or oven cooking. Full cooking instructions are detailed on our website under the heading “Cooking instructions”.

What size are the meals?

Currently we have two meal sizes – Small (250g / 8.8 oz) and Medium (400g / 14.1 oz). Some items have slightly different sizes. All sizes are detailed in our menu and on our website.


How will my order arrive?

Your orders will arrive frozen delivered by one of our Disclosure Scotland checked drivers. Once you have placed your first order, we will contact you to confirm approximate delivery time. Once you have had your first delivery, the day and time you receive it will remain broadly unchanged.

When are you able to deliver?

We deliver Monday to Friday on our current delivery route. Please click here to see which day your delivery will be.

Can I just have a repeating order?

Yes absolutely. If you know what you like and would like the same selection of meals every week, we can place a repeating order for you. Should you want to change your repeating order at any stage just let us know.

You don’t currently deliver to my area, what do I do?

Our delivery route is expanding all the time and it may be that we are about to cover your area. Please do give us a call.


Can I recycle the packaging in which my order has arrived?

Yes. All our food packets are recyclable.