Healthy Ready Meals

17th October, 2019

Healthy Ready Meals does not mean boring!!

At Ofishial foods we focus first and foremost on providing great tasting ready meals delivered to your door. Taste and texture are always our first priority but we also adjust the nutrition in every meal as far as we can to ensure every meal is healthy and balanced with the right amount of energy coming from carbohydrates, fat and protein. We are so effective at this that we have just won a contract with one of the countries leading universities to provide controlled diet plans to customers with diabetes for clinical research.
Our cooked meals are not just delicious but the are also really healthy and fulfilling. We minimise salt input into every meal. If you want it more salt you can add it – but you can’t take salt out of a cooked meal. We also have a wide range of Gluten Free, Low sugar and Low salt meals.
We focus on providing frozen meals delivered for the elderly who need that extra convenience but increasingly our customer range is becoming more varied as customers of all ages search for tasty nutritious and healthy ready meals. We are working on our new catalogue currently and have some exciting additions coming to our range of frozen ready meals, including a new breakfast range.
Our meal delivery service is excellent and is free within our local area. Our delivery drivers are friendly, patient, and caring and will help you in any way they can including organising your freezer and putting your meals away for you. However, if you are not in our delivery area then please don’t worry as we can still offer home delivery anywhere in mainland UK by next day courier with all your tasty meals and desserts packed in a special insulated box with ice gel packs inside that ensure they are completely frozen solid on delivery.
Healthy does not mean boring or bland and our meals are neither. They are hand cooked with no artificial ingredients by talented chefs. They are quite simply OFISHIALLY the best tasting healthy ready meals available

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