In search of the perfect Chicken Korma

New Chicken Korma

8th February, 2019

For the past 5 weeks, we have been developing the perfect Chicken Korma which is now available on our website. We reviewed many published recipes and visited our local Indian restaurants. However, we didn’t want to recreate the Korma often served in Indian restaurants as we find them too sweet, too rich and high in calories due to the high use of cream and ground almonds…

The recipe we have developed took 10 attempts until we were satisfied and we think it is now the best Chicken Korma available today in a ready meal. It has all the flavour of a rich mild Korma curry and whilst still creamy is much kinder on the waistline with only 336 kcal for a 250g portion of Chicken Korma and Rice. We do use almonds of course but these are flaked and roasted by hand then added to the sauce to provide the occasional pleasant crunch in between the tender pieces of curry coated chicken.

…And for the final finishing touch we stir some sweet mango chutney that just lifts it to another level. And on top of all that it is also Gluten free, low sugar and low salt!

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