Ofishial Foods makes major investment for the next stage of its growth

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20th June, 2019

At Ofishial Foods we are currently making a significant investment in our facilities to enable us to continue to grow successfully and improve everything we do. We have just installed a new storage facility which is a super efficient 1,000 sq ft cold room operating at -25C. This will ensure that our frozen ready meals are stored frozen in a perfect environment and never exposed to any warm air even for a second. The new facility has capacity for over 30,000 meals so can accommodate our continued exciting growth for quite some time
The next stage of our current investment plan is the installation of 2 top of the range cooking facilities from Rationale. These are the Rolls Royce of cookers and have intelligent sensors that monitor the cooking surface temperature and adjust the power to each part of the surface to ensure the entire batch is cooked consistently and exactly the same. They also incorporate pressure cooking capabilities that will speed up the process but ensure that, as currently,  only the tenderest of meat can be found in our cooked meals.
With this new equipment, we can try new techniques for cooking new recipes for our ready meals. We continue to work relentlessly on innovation and plan to be the countries creative force for the future of ready meals

Our meals are delivered via DPD for fast delivery

We are also improving our meal delivery service for customers outside our local area. We are now using DPD who have the best technology and provide one hour time windows and live tracking of your delivery. If you have arranged to have our meals delivered to you door and suddenly need to go out you can simply specify a safe place, or neighbour for the driver to deliver the parcel
Inside our free local delivery area you will continue to have your delicious meals and desserts delivered by our friendly drivers on our freezer vans.
This is a very exciting time for the Ofishial Team and we look forward to providing the best ready meals available to more and more customers this year

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