Our most popular meals delivered for the elderly

meals delivered for the elderly

22nd July, 2019

At Ofishial Foods we offer home delivery of our full range of meals and desserts. This is really popular with many of our elderly customers who are looking for a free frozen food delivery of delicious meals that can be heated in just a few minutes.
Our most popular cooked meals for the elderly are traditional ones such as Roast Dinners, Cottage Pie, Sausage and Mash and Liver, Bacon and Onion Casserole. However, it would not be right to categorise this age group as just traditional as their tastes can be as diverse as any other age group. Some customers have largely the same meals every order where some like variety and try something different every time. Some stick to traditional British favourites, whilst others like to experiment with more exotic dishes from Asia like our amazing butter chicken curry which is also one of our best sellers. And then we have a range of dishes from nearer to the UK such as Beef Stroganoff, Pork Dijon, and Goulash which whilst not British in origin have been eaten in this country for such a long time that everyone is familiar with them. We aim to provide a range of delicious frozen ready meals that meet the tastes of all our customers.

Our frozen ready meals are not just for the elderly

Whilst we concentrate on frozen meals delivered for the elderly we also have many customers of all age ranges who choose us because of the quality and convenience of our food and our excellent meal delivery service. For example we have built a  large group of vegetarian customers of all age ranges who chose Ofishial because of the quality and range of our vegetarian ready meals.
Whether you are elderly or not if you would like great tasting meals delivered to your home consider trying out Ofishial Foods. Our well trained and friendly delivery drivers are always patient, friendly and helpful. If you need help putting your meals away when you have your meals delivered to your door they will do this for you and reorganise your freezer at the same time if you would like.
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